Guided only by our emotions and our inspiration…

Each one of the Apollon Library Suites tells a different story according to the theme it is inspired by. The choice was easy! Inspired only by our feelings, no ranking system was necessary, the choice was made subjectively, based only on how we felt. The only planning concerns the suites on the top floor, which look out over the city and the sea: naturally their themes are “Lepanto” and “Moby Dick”, “Don Quixote” - whose author, Cervantes, took part in the naval battle of Nafpaktos - and “Eroticism”, as it speaks of attics and love nests. Other suites have other inspiration: Alice in Wonderland makes us contemplate time and its effects on us. Follow Sherlock Holmes and try to solve the mysteries all around you. Forget your inhibitions and dive into the magical waters of Magical Realism and leave logic behind as you embrace the dream of Surrealism. At the centre of it all is Ulysses who prefers to journey into the unknown, rather than choose the safety of palaces. Appreciate the ideas in Aesop’s Tales loved by young and old, experience Ancient Greece through its Mythology with numerous changes of form and colour, and, of course, you’ll find a tribute to Apollo who lent us his name.   

In every suite, we have created its own mini library by selecting books related to the suites theme, while quotes by famous writers decorate the hallways. In the reception area, you’ll find our main library filled with selected editions of famous books from all genres and in more than one language.