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The town of Nafpaktos with its picturesque Venetian castle is a particularly interesting city, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Α strategically located place, where history has left its mark practically all around it. Nafpaktos, is a lively seaside town with many interesting sights worth visiting all year round.

The centre of Nafpaktos, and its main sight, is the walled Venetian harbour which is worth exploring from both sides. Here you’ll come across atmospheric cafes where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a hot beverage, depending on the time of year you visit.

Above the city, on the pine covered hill, is Nafpaktos’ imposing castle. One of the most well-preserved forts in the whole of Europe from where the view of the sea and city below is breathtaking.

Returning to the city, take a stroll around the narrow streets around the harbour and explore the beautiful old town, with its traditional houses, paved alleys, small tavernas and cafes.

In the summer you can enjoy your swim at one of the two organized beaches of the city, Psani and Gribovo, or explore the nearby beaches of the villages of Fokida.

Things to see around the city are:

  • The Cervantes Park, named after the famous author of Don Quixote, who fought bravely in the naval battle of Lepanto alongside the Christian fleet
  • Stenopazaro, which literally translated means narrow market and is also known as “Mezedion Road”
  • The town clock
  • The “Farmaki” museum dedicated to the Greek War of Independence in 1821
  • The old manor of the Botsaris family, who fought in the Greek War of Independence in 1821, now a private museum
  • The  Papaharalabios Library
  • The renovated Fetihe Mosque which hosts many cultural events