Nafpaktos is the perfect starting point for many excursions towards every point of the compass. Mountainous destinations for winter outings in the snow, some of Greece’s most important archaeological sights, summer trips to nearby islands, opportunities to try different sports, places of gastronomical interest. You can find all the above here, just waiting for you to visit.

  • The villages of the mountainous region of Oreini Nafpaktia
  • Τhe lake of  Mornos with the impressive dam
  • The small picturesque island of Trizona
  • The famous “Hani of Bania”, next to the river Evinos, where you can go rafting accompanied by certified instructors
  • Delphi, where the oracle Pythia spoke, with its excellent archaeological site
  • The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games
  • Messologi with its salt flats where you can find the “snow of the sea”
  • The route to Aetoliko, the island of Aetoloakarnania with its exceptional fish roe
  • Astakos, with its lovely picturesque harbour from where you catch the ferry to the Ionian islands
  • Arachova on mount Parnassos and Kalavryta, for winter retreats and skiing