Nafpaktos and the battle of Lepanto

Nafpaktos, is one of the most ancient cities in Greece, founded by the Dorians in the 12th century BC. Its strategic location in combination with the existence of a natural harbour is the main reason why the city has been significant under so many rulers, all of whom have left their mark on the city, none more impressive than the castle. The famous naval battle is the most significant event in the history of Nafpaktos. In 1571, the combined forces of the Pope, Spain, Venice, Genoa, the knights of Malta and others beat the Turkish fleet in this naval battle, thus stopping the advance of the Turkish empire towards the rest of the western Christian world. This battle, in which the famous Don Quichote’s writer Miguel de Cervantes took part, is known as the battle of Lepanto, as Lepanto was the name of Nafpaktos under Venetian rule. The reenactment of the battle of Lepanto each year in the harbour of Nafpaktos gathers crowds from all over Greece as well as from abroad; the perfect opportunity for you to see for yourselves how beautiful Nafpaktos is on automn.